Stamp Duty: Will There Be Changes In The Near Future?

If you are buying a home in England or Northern Ireland and paying more than £125,000 (or more than £40,000 for second homes), then you will have to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) to HMRC . This applies to both freehold and leasehold properties and whether you are buying outright or using a mortgage. […]

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What Does It Mean To Buy A Leasehold Property?

Freehold and Leasehold. What’s the difference? The two most common forms of property ownership in the UK are freehold and leasehold. But what do these terms mean in practice? Whilst it might sound quite technical, knowing whether or not the property you want to buy is freehold or leasehold is extremely important. It makes the […]

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What Is A Property Chain?

Property Chains Property chains are fairly common in residential property transactions. A property chain occurs when there is more than one buyer involved in a property transaction and each party relies on the others completing their purchase, necessitating the other transactions. If you are a first time buyer, or moving from a rented house, the […]

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Common Problems In Conveyancing And How To Fix Them

Common reasons for delays and how to avoid them If you are going through the process of buying or selling property, with any luck, the process will be plain-sailing and you will complete the transaction in a timely manner with few hold ups or set-backs. However, this is not always the case. In order to […]

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Is Online Conveyancing safe?

It is second nature these days to use the internet to research and purchase nearly all types of services and products. Conveyancing is no exception: it is simple and straightforward to compare conveyancing solicitors and it may come as a surprise that there are a growing number of conveyancing firms which offer an entirely online […]

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Can buyers and sellers use the same conveyancing solicitors?

If you are about to become involved in a property transaction as either a buyer or a seller, you might be wondering whether it is possible to speed up the process and save some money by using the same conveyancing solicitor as the other party involved. It stands to reason that doing so would aid […]

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The Difference Between Conveyancing Fees and Disbursements

When buying or selling a property your conveyancing solicitor or conveyancer will quote you various fees and disbursements. It can be confusing but the difference being the fee is the cost the conveyancer charges to do their work. A disbursement is a fee or tax that your conveyancer must pay to a third party for […]

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Sajid Javid Stamp Duty Plans

Fake News! Sajid Javid has crushed speculation of plans to transfer Stamp Duty from buyers to sellers. The statement came after TheTimes reported potential plans to change Stamp Duty to sellers so that first time buyers were saved from paying it. The piece was published on Saturday 17th August 2019 and made the claim amid […]

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What Is Conveyancing

When coming across the term for the first time, or maybe having never thought about it in great detail before, many people find themselves asking ‘what is conveyancing exactly’? Simply speaking, conveyancing is the legal transfer of property or land from one party to another. This means that the conveyancing process must be carried out […]

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exchange and completion

Is It Possible To Exchange And Complete On The Same Day?

In legal terms yes it absolutely is possible to exchange and complete on the same day but it’s rare and most likely your solicitor will strongly advise against it. Here we tell you why… When you’re buying a house it’s natural to want to move quickly and get your new keys as soon as possible. […]

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