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We strongly advise using a solicitor on the “Lenders Panel” otherwise certain aspects of conveyancing work will have to be contracted out which could result in extra costs. At Conveyancing Supermarket, we make comparing conveyancing quotes in the UK easy. Our quick and easy to use Lender Panel allows you to compare conveyancing costs in a hassle free and convenient manner.

The Lender panel was created because borrowers were often finding out their conveyance solicitor was not approved when they applied for a mortgage – by which point those who are selling as well as buying are likely to have instructed someone and incurred costs.

Using our search tool can save you time and money as we will only provide you with solicitors who are already on the Lender Panel.  You don’t even need to enter any personal details, just choose options from the drop down menu and you will have a list of members to choose from. We believe that comparing conveyancing solicitors should not be a difficult process. The advantage of comparing conveyancing costs online is that you get all the information that you need at your fingertips. Conveyancing Supermarket is here to make your life easier.

So why should you compare conveyancing quotes before you get in touch with a solicitor? When you instruct your conveyance solicitor, the valuation/s are needed on the property / properties. This can be a bargaining tool as you may be able to negotiate a lower price though it is important to keep your mortgage adviser informed in case some works are needed to be carried out before exchange. Try our Lender Panel today and receive free, no obligation advice today. Be sure to arrange your call back at the time that is convenient for you.

We allow you to enter your property details and view quotes without entering any of your personal information leaving you free to look over the quotes with no obligation or annoying sales calls.

Alternatively you have a retention added to to the mortgage offer: ie: You will receive part of the mortgage offer with the balance retained until works have been carried out. A new inspection will often be made to establish if works have been carried out to a RICS standard.

Consider Exchange Insurance – This insurance can be added to your quote. It protects you against the costs you would incur if you pulled out of the transaction through no fault of your own. Check the policy so that you know exactly what is covered. Many Investors use this Exchange Insurance to help them make shrewd investment decisions.

How much should I budget for conveyancing costs?

Conveyancing fees are typically £850-£1,500 including VAT at 20%. There will also be fees for local searches, which will cost you around £250-£300, to check whether there are any local planning issues or problems.

Can you exchange and complete on the same day?

Solicitors do not like exchanging a Contract and completing on the same day. This is because between exchange and completion certain things need doing, such as organise removals, final reading of meters, etc. There are a number of reasons why it might not be practical or possible to exchange contracts and complete on the same day.