Top Tips For Property Buyers and Sellers in Lockdown

If you are considering buying or selling a property now could be the perfect time to get organised. Isolating, being furloughed or working from home may free up some valuable time for you to get prepared for either buying or selling your home once lockdown is removed.

The busy pace of life often makes it difficult to fit in life changes like moving home but the time we have over the coming weeks in lockdown could give you vital time to prepare. If you use the time wisely and make a plan of action you can get ahead of other home owners and buyers.

Sellers Tips

If you want to sell and move to another home here are some essential steps you can take:

1.Keep your Property on the Market

If your home is already listed for sale, keep it listed with your estate agent. Potential buyers are spending more time at home and more time browsing the internet. As expected much browsing is around Coronavirus news and updates but people are increasingly seeking alternative sources of information. Relief from gloomy news and desire to switch off sees us all looking for different ways to keep ourselves busy. If your home is listed, it will still be viewed by potential buyers even if you’re unable to move right now.


You’re spending your time at home, following government guidelines to Stay at Home and social distance. You can use some of this time to make productive changes, once lockdown is removed and we return to our normal lives you will be busy again.
One of the major considerations when you put your property for sale is to remove clutter and excess belongings. When buyers view they want to be able to imagine themselves living there and too much clutter can hinder this.
Think about boxing up non essentials and preparing them to go into storage. You may even consider putting some excess furniture in storage to create an illusion of more space. Some storage facilities offer no contact storage however, you should consider carefully before you make non essential travel. If you’re unable to get your belongings in storage whilst in lockdown at least having them ready is a massive task done.


Does your home need a lick of paint? Are there some loose handles? Does the bath and shower surround need to have mould removed?
When you’ve been living with small imperfections it’s easy to forget about them, but potential buyers will note them from a mile away and make a list of things that need to be done when they move in. If you have already fixed the little niggles it gives a great impression and might set you aside from other properties on the market. Here are some things you might want to consider spending some time doing:

  • Paint (neutral colours are the best)
  • Removing mould or resealing baths, showers and sinks
  • Tightening the hinges of doors and cupboards
  • Repair any holes or cracks in the walls
4. Deep Clean

It is imperative that your home is clean and smells great when buyers view it. Have a really thorough spring clean from cupboards to skirtings to cornices and not forgetting windows. If your home is clean, light and airy it will be much more attractive to buyers.

5. First Impressions

They really do count so make sure you spend some time sorting out the front of your house, the garden, driveway and any fences or gates. Paint the fence and gate if they’re faded and patchy. Jet wash the paths and drive. Trim back any foliage and make sure the lawn is neatly cut. Make sure any outdoor bins are neatly stored and clean.

Buyers Tips

Maybe you’ve moved before or this could be your first home, either way you can do some research over the coming weeks to help your purchase decisions:

1.Research Location

Do you know where you want to live? Are you relocating or staying local? If you’re staying local have you thought about any peripheral areas that could be up and coming or great value for money? Spend time getting to know the area; schools, parks, leisure facilities, socialising. Know what is important to you and discover if the area you want to move to ticks your list.

2.Local Estate Agents

Although their physical offices are closed your local agent will still be working with new and current vendors and buyers. Speak to local agents and express your interest in new properties once the market resumes. They will be happy to add your details and keep you informed of new developments and properties that fit your criteria.

3.Form a Timeline

This doesn’t need to be for exact days/months but putting a plan of action in place will help you fulfil it once you’re able. Perhaps you could allocate some time each day to researching the following:

  • Properties currently on the market via the main portals Rightmove and Zoopla
  • Estate Agents to lodge your intent with
  • Mortgage products and how much you can afford to lend
  • Insurances you may want to consider. For example buildings & contents, life and critical illness
  • Financial and future planning like writing a Will
  • Conveyancing costs
  • Removals and Storage costs

All of these will add to you getting a good understanding of how much it’s going to cost to make your move.
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