What Does A Conveyancer Do When Buying A House?

Conveyancing is required for when you choose to buy or sell a house. So, what does a conveyancer do when buying a house? This is a complex process in which they help you through the legalities and transition process. Below we explain in more detail the role of the conveyancer and how they assist you when buying your chosen property.

Those first steps

Once you have found a conveyancer who will assist you in the buying process, they will then make a draft contract regarding the terms of their service that includes their charges and any deposits that are needed. Once agreed, the conveyancer will then contact the seller’s solicitor to obtain all details, forms and the property title.

Completion of legal documents

There are so many legal documents that need to be read and completed when buying a house. Your conveyancer will tackle all of this for you. They will prepare and transfer all legal documents so that your chosen home becomes your legal property.

During the Contract of Sale, the conveyancer will keep you updated on all progress. This will include any unforeseen challenges, such as any planning restrictions that may arise. They should also read through the Contract of Sale with you prior to signing the contract.

Assistance with financial agreements

Buying any property comes with financial commitments and many forms will need to be completed. Although not directly involved in the financial processes, they can assist you with any bank settlements and mortgage documentation. The conveyancer will also ensure that you are paying for the correct services according to your completion date, such as water rates.

The final stages

Finally, the conveyancer can help you with the settlement date in coordinating any payments that are needed to come from your bank. This helps to create a seamless service and ensure that all monies are transferred on the agreed date. They will also be involved in arranging the keys to your property.

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