The Conveyancing Process Explained

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The process of buying or selling a property is usually carried out by either a firm of solicitors or a conveyancing solicitor. A conveyancing solicitor is a specialist, whereas a company of solicitors will be taking work of all sorts, from divorce, probates to criminal offences. So it is often advised to choose a specialist and have the Conveyancing process explained to you if you are unsure about anything.

Of course, no-one has to be legally qualified to carry out their own conveyancing, but it is a process that takes a lot of time and money to carry out. For instance, there are Land Registry fees to pay and other costs, so it is worth leaving everything to an experienced professional. Visiting a site such as gives both buyers and sellers the chance to easily compare conveyancers and their fees.

To begin, your appointed conveyancing solicitor will have the Conveyancing process explained to you, provide a draft contract, so you can clearly see his fees, costs and charges.Once this is agreed, the figure is set in stone and customers can be assured that there will be no further charges on top in the future. He will then contact the conveyancer representing the seller for legal details of the property. If he has any queries or problems, he will ask for them to be answered in the first place so that the process can move along smoothly.

Your conveyancer will ask you to examine forms provided by the seller’s representative and raise any questions you may have. Most of us will not have the experience to examine these documents in great detail and be happy to let our conveyancer do all the worrying.

He will then carry out property searches. These include local authority searches, environmental searches and water authority searches, which will show if there is any major planning in place for the area, such as major road building. If all is in place between the two parties, it is time to sign contracts.

These are exchanged and a completion date of between 1-4 weeks is decided upon for completion.

Enter your property details and view quotes without providing your personal information leaving you free to look over the quotes with no obligation or annoying sales calls.

Before online comparisons, for everything from car insurance to holidays, became popular, getting a conveyancing quote was a time-consuming process, with visits to a solicitor’s office. With online conveyancing quotes, waiting times, travelling times and time necessarily taken off work have all now been eliminated, and the whole process can be completed from the comfort of one’s own laptop.

We are all advised to get at least three estimates for any professional work that we need to be carried out. This would often involve a professional having to physically write a detailed quotation and put it in the post. These days, we can find as many no-obligation quotes as we feel like, without any hassle for prospective suppliers.

Conveyancing quotes will vary from firm to firm for many reasons. However, a breakdown of all fees and charges is clearly show on-screen, so everyone knows where they stand.

There are sometimes some  ‘extra’ services that need to be included in the quotation. All local authority searches are essential, for instance, but every property is unique. Therefore, there are bound to be local features that may require more, or less work from a conveyancer. So the quote will depend not only on the local area of the property but the conveyancing solicitor’s local knowledge

A conveyancing quote means not only paying for the conveyancer’s time and knowledge. You are paying for a whole team who together do all the legal work and necessary admin.