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Top 10 tips For Comparing Conveyancing Quotes

If you are buying or selling a property, you need to use the services of a conveyancer. They will handle the legal side of the process. Of course, all conveyancers charge fees. So, to keep your costs as low as possible it is important to compare quotes.

Here, we give you our top 10 tips to help you compare conveyancing quotes and get the best price.

1.How Much Do They Charge?

The first thing you are sure to look at is how much each conveyancer is charging. That will give you a good idea of the price range you are looking at. Be wary, though, of just choosing the cheapest quote. You may not always get the best value.

2.Are Their Fees Easy To Understand?

Some conveyancers charge fixed fees. Others charge an hourly rate. Hourly rates can seem cheaper but can add up quickly. If the process is more complicated than expected, the costs can be high. A fixed fee is easy to understand. You know exactly how much you have to pay with no hidden costs.

3.Are They Reliable?

You need to be certain you choose a conveyancer you can trust. Check reviews and make sure you feel confident they are experienced and reliable.

4.What Does Their Service Cover?

Even conveyancers who charge a fixed fee may not include all services in their price. Check that the quote covers everything including searches.

5.What Is Their Expected Timeframe?

You should check with the conveyancers how long their process is likely to take. This is very important if you need to complete by a certain date. Bear in mind though that a very short timeline could mean they are cutting corners.

6.Do They Work With Your Lender?

If you are taking out a mortgage this is very important. If you have a mortgage lender already, you need to choose a conveyancer who will work with them. If they do not, that will cause problems.

7.Can You Repanel To Another Conveyancer?

Sometimes you may want to change conveyancer partway through the process. You should check whether that is possible with your chosen legal team. Choosing a conveyancing network like Home Legal Direct will ensure you can do this easily.

8.Are They An Online Conveyancer?

You can choose either a conveyancer with an office near you or one that operates online. Working with an online legal time is often more affordable. It is also often a speedier option.

9.Do They Offer A No Move No Fee Deal?

Some conveyancers will charge a fee anyway even if your sale or purchase falls through. Make sure to choose a legal team that will not charge you if you do not move after all.

10.Are They Specialists In Conveyancing?

Some solicitors are not specialists in conveyancing. They only handle a few conveyancing cases while focusing on other areas of law. It is best to choose a conveyancing specialist as they have expert knowledge and experience.

If you are buying or selling a property, Conveyancing Supermarket is here to help you get the quotes you need. We can make sure you get the right deal for you.

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