What Does A Property Conveyancer Do?

Conveyancing is an essential aspect in the process for buying and selling properties and can be conducted by a professional conveyancer or a solicitor. The conveyancer ensures that all legal obligations are fulfilled in the property sale or purchase and assists with settlement of the sums of money due and transfer of title to the new owners.

What does a property conveyancer do?

One main role of the property conveyancer is to prepare the documents that appertain to the property transaction. For the sale of property, the solicitor or conveyancer will prepare the Contract of Sale and ensure any special requirements are incorporated within the final Contract. They also prepare the Vendor’s Statement for property sellers and carry out all the searches that are included within this document.

When it comes to property purchases, the conveyancer prepares the documentation that is required to ensure the property is legally transferred over to the new owner.

Organising special conditions

Property vendors needing to include special conditions within the sale documentation for their property will have this carried out by the conveyancer, for example if the sale date should coincide with the purchase date of any new property. They will also get in touch with the mortgagee to ensure the mortgage is paid off on the date of sale.

If you’re buying a property, your conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor will advise on the terms of the Contract of Sale and point out any specifics which you should be aware of.

Handling the final settlement

Another principal role of the conveyancer is to coordinate and finalise details of the settlement. Conveyancers acting for the property vendor will organise the date and time of settlement and arrange for the handover of the property keys. The conveyancer acting on behalf of the purchaser of a property will ensure that funds are in place to settle the purchase and liaise with the seller’s conveyancer to sort out details of the settlement.

Using a professional conveyancer streamlines the process of buying and selling properties in the UK and ensures all legal obligations are fulfilled.

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