How To Instruct A Solicitor For Conveyancing

When’s the right time to instruct your solicitor? If you want your purchase to move as quickly and smoothly as possible, buyers should think about instructing a solicitor before they put in an offer on a ‘no move, no fee’ basis. The faster the paperwork can be handled the more quickly you’ll exchange.

When should I instruct a solicitor?

As quickly as possible. Look for conveyancing solicitors that offer ‘no move, no fee’ deals and a fixed fee, and compare quotes from different firms to get the best deal for you.

How do I choose the best solicitor to instruct?

Do your research – ask friends, family and colleagues for recommendations and make sure you instruct a specialist conveyancing solicitor. Be aware of what duties they’ll undertake on your behalf and ask whether they’re on your mortgage lender’s panel of solicitors and can act for both you and your lender.

A solicitor doesn’t have to be local as so much of the work can now be done by phone, email or even Skype. This kind of flexibility may be important for you so ask questions before you make your decision. In addition make sure you get a full breakdown of fees and written confirmation that no additional charges will be made.

Why should I instruct a solicitor not a conveyancer?

If you’re buying an unusual property or you need to arrange for an extension of the existing lease, then a solicitor is the smart choice. They’ll be able to offer you multidisciplinary legal advice on issues that fall outside conveyancing.

How to instruct a solicitor for conveyancing

Once you’ve compared your quotes and decided on the conveyancing solicitor that’s best for your transaction, you’ll need to instruct them to act on your behalf. Basically, you’re asking your chosen solicitor to work for you in the legal process of transferring ownership from the seller to the buyer. They can get the ball rolling with all the relevant paperwork including searches, home information packs (HIP) and preparation of contracts so you can move as quickly and easily as possible towards a smooth completion.

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