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More Information on Ipswich

The town of Ipswich is located in the county of Suffolk, England. The county of Suffolk is located on the east of England. The town is linked to the A14 and A12 roads. The town is also connected to the Great Eastern Main Line, East Suffolk Line and the Felixstowe Branch Line. There are 2 ways to access these lines, one is though the railway station at Ipswich and the other on the Derby Road.

The town of Ipswich has only one professional association football club. The town is also home to one of the 3 Olympic accredited gymnastics facilities in the UK, the “Ipswich Gymnastics Centre”. There are 3 Museums which reside in the town, “The Ipswich Museum”, “The Ipswich Transport Museum” and the “ChristChurch Mansion”. The only theatre that resides in the town is the New Wolsey Theatre. The town hosts a number of musical and performance arts festivals. This ranges from Spill Festival of Performance, Ipswich Arts Festival and Ipswich Jazz Festival.

Overall, the town of Ipswich has a developed transport system that allow its residents to go to and from destinations. The town strong points is that it boats a strong sense of historic and musical / performing arts culture, since it has festivals and venues dedicate to these topics.

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Know Your Stamp Duty Costs?

Anyone looking to buy a home, whether a first-time buyer or serious, full-time property investor, will need to be aware of stamp duty costs, to save themselves both time and money. Click below to calculate what you will need to pay.

Q & A's on Conveyancing Quotes Ipswich

A: While many solicitor’s shop windows may shout that they offer a conveyancing package for £199, this is not the case. Search fees and other disbursements amount to more than £200, so there are bound to be other charges on top of this figure. At, a panel of professional and experienced conveyancers have been selected and recommended so that buyers can compare set prices with no hidden charges – the figure quoted is all that you pay.

A: Not at all. In many cases, an estate agent will not be recommending a conveyancer because he is the best, but because he will receive commission of between £300 to £1,000. Comparing quotes from independent conveyancers is the recommended way to find the best deal for you.

A: Firstly, there is a local authority search. This is a thorough investigation of the property and its surroundings, to find if there are any plans for major road building or new housing developments in the local area. Land Registry checks look in detail to find whether the Title Register and Title Plan are in order; a water authority search will find how water is provided to the property and how public drains may affect it; an environmental search will look for possible causes of contamination and the impact of local industry, landfill, and the risk of radon gas or flooding.

A: Stamp Duty is only payable on properties selling for more than £125,000. Above this, the duty increases in bands until the higher threshold of £1.5 million, which incurs 12% of the purchase price. A property in Ipswich costing £425,000 would be liable for Stamp Duty of £11,250. See for a simple way to calculate any amount of duty.

A: Yes. Many people have successfully carried out their own conveyancing, but it takes a lot of research, time and will not save homebuyers a lot of money, if any at all.

A: As soon as you have an offer accepted. However, it is advisable to do a bit of research beforehand to find out what is involved in the process. This knowledge will also assist you in speeding up the process and helping the conveyancer to help you.