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Follow These 8 Easy Steps for Hassle-Free Moving

Moving Home is not as stressful if you’ve done proper planning and preparation. The ideal approach is to use a checklist and complete one task at a time. Let this step-by-step guide walk you through every aspect of the moving home process.

Step One: Begin Packing and Taking an Inventory

Take your time when packing for a move to prevent stress. It is critical to maintain an inventory to know precisely what has been packed and where it is. This is especially key if you are using self storage facilities to store your belongings. Have a look at these useful reasons to utilise self storage when moving. Non-essential objects and massive furniture that isn’t needed daily may be put into storage for ease. Be careful to put related goods together and  ensure you label boxes so you know where everything is.

Step Two: Organise and Declutter

Decluttering will allow you to donate or sell any unwanted goods. A decent rule of thumb is to sell or give everything that hasn’t been used or required in the last six months. If you still want to keep infrequently used belongings pack them away first and start collecting packing supplies such as boxes, bubble wrap and permanent markers.

Step Three: Obtain the Services of a Removal Company

Shop around for quotes and service levels. They should also present an easy-to-understand quote. Everyone has different needs from a removals company so be sure they are able to offer a bespoke service that works for you.

Step Four: Pack Your Essentials Separately

You’ll need quick access to a few items in the days leading up to and after moving day. Pack a separate bag with your essentials, such as chargers for your electronics, pillows, bedding, towels, toiletries, medicines, cleaning supplies, a small toolkit, paper plates, plastic cutlery, snacks, coffee, tea and cups and kettle. 

Additionally, you should consider keeping valuable jewellery, essential documents and passports with you and not in the removals van.

Step Five: Consume Your Perishable Food

Eat all of your perishable food before you move; you’ll be adding unneeded weight and risking jars and bottles shattering and making a mess if you transport it. You must defrost the fridge and freezer before moving day and make sure they are well-cleaned and emptied.

Step Six: Finish Preparations

Check underneath any furniture that you are leaving behind to make sure you’ve packed everything.

Step Seven: Send a Notification to the Right People about Your Move

You need to change your address records, tell your bank, doctor and children’s school and divert your mail. You should also update your address with the DVLA and with the local council.

Step Eight: Do a Final Check of Your Things and Home

Make a thorough sweep of the property to ensure that nothing has been overlooked. Ensure all the lights are out, the cabinets are empty and the windows and rear doors are shut. Don’t forget to take final meter readings for all utilities. 


Moving is a huge undertaking that demands a lot of time and work, but the process will be much smoother if you follow these steps and keep to the timeline. It also helps to hire a removal company to do the hard work for you.

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