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UK Mortgage Rates Soaring

Rates on new mortgages continued to climb this week. The fallout from the mini-budget is continuing to reverberate through the housing market. The higher rates being offered are bad news for both first-time buyers and those looking to remortgage. So how bad are things going to get, and what can we do? Compare conveyancing fees online, Finance Minister Kwasi Kwarteng […]

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Stamp Duty Cuts 2022

The level at which stamp duty starts being charged doubled last week. This will save some home buyers thousands of pounds. Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng announced that SDLT would not be charged on the first £250,000 of a property purchase for people moving home. This has risen from the current level of £125,000. Furthermore, to help people get on to the […]

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Mortgage Affordability Stress Test Scrapped.

  The Bank of England recently removed the required stress test for people applying for a mortgage. What does this mean for the mortgage application process?  Compare Solicitor fees HERE This isn’t the only action the Government has recently taken that will affect homebuyers; they also increased interest rates six times since December to try and combat inflation. They most […]

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What is Fixed Fee Conveyancing?

Fixed Fee Conveyancing is where a pre-agreed price is set for the conveyancing service being given. The price quoted and agreed at the beginning should be the price you pay at the end.Compare conveyancing quotes from Conveyancing Supermarket now. The term ‘fixed fee’ relates to the price of the legal services offered. However, the fixed element of the quote rarely […]

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How Do I Choose An Estate Agent?

Choosing An Estate Agent Buying and selling a property can be complicated and stressful. There are several factors to consider too. This article will help you choose an estate agent, one of the first steps of selling your property. Compare Conveyancing Quotes HERE. Remember, when selling property, it’s vital that you find an estate agent that best suits your specific […]

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What Is A Mortgage Valuation?

    A mortgage valuation is a specific type of assessment done by the mortgage lender to help them confirm a property’s value. It’s also used to see if the property will be adequate security for the loan you’ve applied for. Your lender will usually arrange a mortgage valuation. compare conveyance costs  with our conveyancing fees calculator. What Is A […]

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A Complete Guide To Conveyancing

  We haven’t done a complete conveyancing guide for a while now. Sometimes, it’s good to get back to basics and explain what we do best. Conveyancing is our speciality so let’s talk about exactly what it involves including some of the costs involved. Compare Solicitors fees today Conveyancing is a vital aspect of buying and selling property. Choosing the […]

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House Surveys – A Complete guide

It’s been a while since we have written a complete guide on House surveys so here we are with all the info you could possibly need and more. To get help with conveyancing, compare all online and local conveyancers here. What Is A House Survey? A house survey is an inspection of a property’s physical condition conducted by experts. Surveyors […]