Professional vs DIY Conveyancing

Buying a property and getting a new home may sound pretty straightforward, but there are so many processes in between that can spark a lot of queries. One of these questions would be your approach to conveyancing. How the title deeds and the property itself is transferred can make or break the transaction, making it very important to think about.

Many people ask if they can do their own conveyancing and it is not something that should be taken lightly. Conveyancers and conveyancers solicitors are professionals who have years of experience in the legal transfer of property.

Expert conveyancers can help in a variety of factors. One major issue that people may find with professional conveyancing is the possible price points. However, with a bit of comparing, you can certainly find someone who matches the budget you have.

Legal Documents

The biggest hindrances in conveyancing is the handling and maintaining of the legal documents involved. Understanding the legal terminology in the contracts and documents that you have in your possession is a key part of identifying any faults printed on paper. Your conveyancer will understand the terminology and spot anything of concern.

Mortgage Assistance

Most mortgage lenders will ask who your legal representative is when buying and selling your property. Opting not to use a solicitor could mean they refuse to lend, after all the loan is theirs and they will seek to protect it via the right legal processes.

Risk Management

Your conveyancing solicitor works on your behalf to mitigate any potential risks in the property you wish to purchase. They will do all the relevant research and know common pitfalls to look out for.


In summary, the conveyancing process can be tedious. It needs a meticulous and experienced person to undertake them.

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