Conveyancing Advice

If you are buying or selling a property you will need expert conveyancing advice from a Solicitor, or licensed Conveyancer. Your conveyancer will undertake the legal process of transferring ownership of a property from one person to another. Instructing a property lawyer can be daunting but a good one will guide you through the process of buying or selling your property. The sooner you instruct your conveyancing solicitor the sooner they can begin work. If an estate agent is involved in the sale or purchase they will also want to know which conveyancer you are working with.

Your conveyancer will take care of:

  • Drawing up contracts
  • Searches
  • ID Checks
  • Land Registry
  • Stamp Duty

As well as protecting you and your investment.

Your conveyancer will also liaise with your mortgage lender and receive documentation from them. Additionally they will collate all other documents like any survey you have had and deal with any enquiries. Your conveyancer will also deal with leasehold and management companies if the property is leasehold, if there are any purchase schemes being utilised and proving the source of any funds.

Use our Conveyancing Quote Calculator and get an online instant fixed fee residential conveyancing quote from an impartial, accredited licensed conveyancer or solicitor.

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Conveyancing Costs

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Conveyancing Comparison The Essential Factors

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Comparing Conveyancing Quotes

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Common Myths About Conveyancing

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Buying A House – A Timeline.

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