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Regulations For Private Landlords

Regulations For Private Landlords With many rules in the private rental sector, it is more important than ever for private residential landlords to keep up with the latest regulations. Compare conveyancers Today In recent years, the buy-to-let market has become more regulated than ever. In fact, the changes to the property investment sector have pushed many buy-to-let landlords and investors […]

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Your Step-By-Step Guide To Conveyancing

  It has been a while since we have created a comprehensive guide to the conveyancing process so here you are! Compare conveyance costs for free today Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring property ownership from one person to another. Once an offer is accepted on a property, your conveyancer will begin the process of completing all the relevant […]

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How Do I Manage A Property Chain?

What Is A Property Chain?   Property chains are fairly common in residential property transactions. A property chain occurs when there is more than one buyer involved in a property transaction and each party relies on the others completing their purchase, necessitating the other transactions. If you are a first time buyer, or moving from a rented house, the person […]

Making An Offer On A House
How To Get An Offer Accepted On A House?

  Making an offer on a house is the first step towards securing a beautiful new home. It can be quite a daunting process, particularly for first time buyers who are brand new to the housing market. With so much money at stake, you want to get the best possible deal, however, doing this means seeking a fine balance between […]

Professional vs DIY Conveyancing

Buying a property and getting a new home may sound pretty straightforward, but there are so many processes in between that can spark a lot of queries. One of these questions would be your approach to conveyancing. How the title deeds and the property itself is transferred can make or break the transaction, making it very important to think about. […]