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How Long Do Conveyancing Searches Take?

‘How long do conveyancing searches take?’ is a question we’re often asked. The problem is, there is no set-in-stone time limit. In the UK, most searches take between six and eight weeks. Because the searches rely on other people, the process can be completed more quickly, but it could take longer.

What are conveyancing searches?

Conveyancing searches, also known as property searches, are the checks solicitors will complete on your behalf to discover as much information about your property as possible. They are done to ensure that the property you are purchasing is not likely to be unfit for your needs in the future. It includes checking flooding and mining records, future planning permission and projects (you don’t want to buy a quiet house in the country only to have an airport runway in your backyard a year later), the quality of the ground the property is on and many other details that may impact your investment.

How quickly can it be done?

For houses without chains that are unoccupied and without a mortgage, the whole conveyancing process could take as little as a week to complete. However, this situation is extremely rare and the more people in the chain, the longer the process can take. The searches themselves depend on the organisations and their processing time depends on demand. So you will find purchasing property at certain times of the year results in quicker searches than others. Depending on the local authority, some searches can be done in as little as 48 hours.

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Why you need a good conveyancer

A good conveyancer will have excellent ties with the relevant authorities and may be able to get your searches back in a timelier manner than other solicitors. This is why we always recommend doing your research and choosing a high-quality conveyancer. With our search tools at Conveyancing Supermarket, you can easily search for and compare conveyancers. Don’t forget, you can get free advice from any of our solicitors without any obligation to instruct them. Once you arrange for a quote to be sent to you, you can ask for a callback and they will be more than happy to assist you with any queries you may have about the conveyancing process.

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