Insider Secrets For Speedy Conveyancing

If you want to move home quickly read our Top Tips to ensure a speedy conveyancing process

Our experts have put together their most useful advice so you can take charge of your move and dictate the pace.

Speed Tip 1: -Don’t Be Shy

Keep in close contact with your solicitor/conveyancer. If someone else is shouting louder they may well be put as higher priority to you. Your legal representative needs to know that speed is of the essence to you.

Speed Tip 2: Liaise Directly With Estate Agent/Buyer/Seller

Small details can often be agreed quickly between these parties if you form a good relationship. Sometimes legal intervention can slow things down. Don’t forget that once agreed it may need to form part of the legal agreement.

Speed Tip 3: Upgrade

Did you know you can upgrade your Valuation Report to a Home Buyers Survey? It will kill two birds with one stone, saving you both time and money! Ask your lender for more information.

Speed Tip 4: Be Organised

Get all your information, documentation, offer in principle in place and organised early. It can help a quick and smooth process.

Speed Tip 5: CQS Solicitors

Appoint a CQS (Conveyancing Quality Scheme) solicitor, they are accredited by the Law Society as providers of exceptional service.

Speed Tip 6: Put The Pressure On

Make it clear from the outset you want a speedy move and that is is integral to the sale completing – no-one wants a sale to fall through.
Keep track and check everyone is doing what they should be as quickly as possible. If you don’t know when and what they should be doing our useful guides will give you all the info you need to keep on top of the process.
Equally make sure all your responses to return calls and emails are prompt and comprehensive, and that you are easily contactable.

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