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Whether you’re buying, selling or remortgaging a property, you will require the services of either a conveyancer or a conveyancing solicitor.


are professional property lawyers who specialise in the legal aspects surrounding buying and selling property in England and Wales and are regulated by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) in England and Wales. Conveyancers can work out cheaper than a solicitor, but can only deal with conveyancing. If any problems elsewhere in the process occur, that do not relate to property law, you will have the additional work of having to call in a solicitor.

A conveyancing solicitor on the other hand can carry out conveyancing, but is also licensed to advise on other areas of the law.

Both are legal professionals and a vital part of the home buying process. They will offer the same services: transferring deeds, handling payments and ensuring that you become the rightful legal owner of your property upon completion. They manage all the legal requirements involved in the process and to ensure everything progresses smoothly from instruction to completion.

How do I choose?

Choosing a conveyancing solicitor may seem like an insurmountable task. Often, estate agents suggest a solicitor they are used to working with. High streets are full of them. A simple Google search can turn out hundreds of results, all competing for your business. This doesn’t help make a decision.

This is where Conveyancing Supermarket can help. Conveyancing Supermarket was created to help people who are searching for residential conveyancing quotes and don’t want to be bombarded with irrelevant results and overwhelmed with choice. It’s quick and very easy. It will help most people save money when moving home.

All you have to do is input a few pieces of information into our comparison engine and wait a few seconds. You will receive the quotes from the most relevant conveyancing firms based on the information you have given. Everything is tailored to your specifications.
You can enter your property details and view conveyancing quotes without entering any of your personal information giving you the freedom to compare conveyancing fees without the obligation to speak with anyone or receive any annoying sales calls.

You can even instruct your chosen conveyancer online or arrange a call back at your convenience to discuss your quote in further detail. Or you might want to wait a while and digest the information you have received. Remember, You haven’t had to reveal any identifying information, which means no annoying marketing calls or promotional emails. Even better!

All conveyancing quotes are fully detailed, itemised and provide a complete breakdown of legal fees, disbursements, any additional fees and VAT. This provides you with all of the information you need whilst complying with the new transparency laws.

Furthermore, All our solicitors are accredited by the Quality Conveyancing Scheme, run by the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority). For Licensed Conveyancers, it’s the CLC (Council for Licensed Conveyancers). We only work with firms who are fully accredited and are members of the lenders’ panels.

What happens now?

We want to show you conveyancing quotes from as many solicitor firms as possible, so you can choose from a wide range of companies. Many reputable companies work solely online and do not have client-facing premises. All correspondence is handled via phone, post and most often, e-mail.

Conveyancing providers are located throughout the United Kingdom and most provide services to homeowners spread in all areas of the country. Credentials are far more important than location, so don’t necessarily be put off if your results show solicitors from far and wide.

Again, the most important factor when making a decision is to ensure your conveyancing solicitor has the relevant experience and qualifications. You can check their background using a conveyancing solicitor directory with reviews and opinions from previous clients.

The cost

Costs can vary from one conveyancer to the next and can also depend on the property and its location. This is why is is important to compare a number of quotes which can easily be done online.

Conveyancing solicitor fees can range from around £400-£1,500 (excluding stamp duty) and are usually divided into standard legal fees and disbursements which include local searches, costing up to £300 in addition to your standard legal fees.

You will be charged a base fee of around a few hundred pounds, for the conveyancer’s handling of your case from beginning to end. Your solicitor might work on a either a fixed fee basis or charge and hourly rate. Leasehold properties cost more to buy but your solicitor will let you know all about this.

Don’t forget, you may need to budget for Stamp Duty, search costs, arrangement fees, Land registry, Valuation fees, ECP, property deeds, and referral fees.

A Final Word

Being able to compare solicitor quotes online allows access to instant quotes from several reputable conveyancers and with our conveyancing solicitors directory you can choose from 100’s of accredited professionals.

Our advice to you is to be wary of online conveyancers offering prices that seem too good to be true. Ask around and read reviews. Only choose a conveyancing solicitor who is able to provide you with a full and detailed quote including both conveyancing fees and disbursements. Be aware that conveyancers who do not provide a breakdown of their fees, expenses and disbursements may be in breach of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Code of Conduct.

For more details on the full process and getting the best quotes click here.

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