Our Stamp Duty Calculator Is Simple To Use

To use, all you need to do is input the price of either your main property, or an additional property, and we will give you the new cost in seconds. We will also provide you with all the latest information that you will need on paying Stamp Duty tax when buying a property, as well as all the latest information on the rates of duty that always inevitably change with every budget or with changes in government policy.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Across the UK (with the exception of Scotland), Stamp Duty rates for a single home are based on a sliding scale, starting at 2% of the purchase price for properties that sell for more than £125,000, increasing to 12% for properties that sell for more than £1.5 million. Any properties bought after this first property will incur an additional 3% Stamp Duty tax rate for a property selling at any price starting at £40,000.

Properties in Scotland are subject to largely the same rates, but they are scaled to different property values, to be more in line with the property market in Scotland separate from the rest of the UK. In Scotland, Stamp Duty for a single property starts at 2% of a selling price of £145,000, with the highest rate being 12% of the selling price for properties worth more than £750,000. For greater detail, should you need it, look for our section on buying property in Scotland.

You won’t find a better site on all aspects of paying tax when buying a property, be it for upsizing, downsizing or any other reason you may have. Tax changes often, and the changes often vary wildly in rates and eligible property values. Some announcements of tax changes also don’t come into effect until 12 months after the initial announcement is released, so it is essential that you remain well informed and up to date on tax developments. Both those that have already occurred, and those slated to come into effect in the near future.