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As the pace of life gets faster all the time, so the pace of road travel seems to get slower along with it. Online banking is now the norm rather than the exception, and online shopping has changed the nature of retail business and saved us the hassle of driving to shopping centres, then spending frustrating hours looking for a parking spot, especially in the frantic lead-up to Christmas. So it is natural that a growing number of homebuyers and businesses are choosing services such as on line conveyancing.

Although the internet abounds with would-be fraudsters and the potential loss of money, on line conveyancing companies are not just run by dodgy dealers trying their luck. On the contrary, the vast majority of companies offering conveyancing services are traditional solicitors who have simply moved part of their business online. The ease with which we can carry out this business from our home office or even sitting on a train, saves not only money but time that can be better spent choosing curtains for our new property.

Communicating by e-mail, for instance, is especially useful when trying to be more time-efficient during a necessarily protracted process. Telephoning, waiting until the annoying recorded ‘Press 1’ message has finished and waiting to be put through to a solicitor who will invariably be on the line to someone else can be forgotten. E-mails can be answered more efficiently, at a convenient time and senders know instantly if they have arrived, unlike letters in the post.

And remember, solicitors who offer on line conveyancing are not new to the process, as buyers so often are. They are practising all day and all week, and can answer queries from their office, at home or on the golf course, so the homebuying process can be completed much more smoothly, with less hassle.

On line conveyancing or Local Conveyancing?

Naturally, it is essential to be cautious at the outset when choosing online conveyancing. Some will be comforted by using a local solicitor who they know, but allows buyers the assurance of knowing that the website only recommends and compares bona fide, qualified and experienced practitioners. This also means that homebuyers or business property buyers can choose the best deal for themselves from a variety of conveyancing companies right across the country.

On line conveyancing works in exactly the same way as the procedure carried out from a solicitor’s office. A fixed price is agreed at the beginning before any initial work has been carried out: this is the most satisfactory route for both parties, where everyone knows the position, with no nasty shocks in the future.

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