Should I use a local conveyancer?

There are no hard and fast rules stating you need to appoint a local conveyancer. In fact, all conveyancing solicitors can act for clients throughout England & Wales, as the process of conveyancing and land ownership is the same wherever you are.

Saying that though, a solicitor’s local knowledge of the area is something that could prove to be useful to you in your sale. For instance, the solicitor you choose will at some point need to obtain evidence of your title from a central Land Registry and this is what a buyer’s conveyancer will use to check and prove title. If they are not situated locally then your local knowledge may be called upon. However this is a small issue which should not inconvenience you too much. If your transaction is not likely to be straightforward and involves such matters as altering existing boundaries, creating new rights of way or dividing a property and the like, then it may be wise to instruct a local conveyancer that is able to easily visit the property.

With regards signing documentation relating to your transaction, don’t be worried if your solicitor/conveyancer is not local to you as again it is quite normal that all documents are sent to clients via post/email/phone as opposed to meeting in person to do this. This is the case with property transactions where one or more of the properties involved is situated abroad.

All lawyers have to conduct the legal process and undertake the exact same searches and this will all be done without leaving the office. Unless you have a specific desire to make an appointment and sit in front of your lawyer there is little advantage in them being local. It is infinitely more beneficial to instruct one of the best property law firms in the UK who will often not be local to you but from whom you will benefit from their extensive knowledge, expertise and customer service. Use our free search tool to find the most suitable local conveyancer for your needs. Whether you are a first time buyer, transferring names on title deeds or have no idea where to begin, Conveyancing supermarket has the resources to make your conveyancing experience smooth and trouble free.

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