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How to Find the Right Conveyancer: What You Need To Know

While good conveyancers at reasonable prices are rare, they still exist. Here’s what you need to know to find a good one. Read on!

Sure, you need a conveyancer. They can make the process of owning a property less of a hassle for you. However, just because a person has a conveyancing solicitor as their job title does not mean you should already get their service. Sadly, some tend to price their services high without giving the same amount of effort back. 

Ideally, the conveyancer you get should provide you with efficient and reliable service at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, that scenario can be hard to attain in the UK conveyancing industry. Most people are in a rush to move but it is worthwhile spending a little time researching potential conveyancers. Better yet, try to look for conveyancing options while you are still searching for a property or a buyer. 

Why Take Time In Finding the Best Conveyancers

While good conveyancers at reasonable prices are rare, they still exist. You only need to do thorough research and compare conveyancing costs to see which are worthwhile investments. If you need reasons for taking your time in finding the right one, here are some of the good things they would bring:

  • They are registered with either the Law Society (for the solicitors) or The CLC (for the licensed conveyancers), making them legit service providers. 
  • They have professional indemnity worth at least £1,000,000 for your safety.
  • They will do their jobs well, efficiently and with no error.
  • They want their clients to understand every process. They do not make situations look too complex, especially the real estate jargon. 
  • They are experts in their job and industry, meaning they can provide you with the proper guidance and support regarding any of your concerns. 
  • They have the initiative. Since they know how the industry works, they can tell you what you need to do ahead of time. They can also forecast, helping you prevent potential problems and delays.
  • Because they have been doing this for so long, they already have ways to make the process smooth and fast. 
  • They use the latest technology to keep their clients updated.
  • Ideally, they are on your lender’s panel of approved solicitors, so you no longer have to spend more.

If you settle with just anyone, you might experience some failures and minor problems along the way that could turn into bigger problems later. These seemingly trivial difficulties could put the whole transaction at risk. 

Less skilled professionals may fail to read the documents accurately. They might make their clients feel overwhelmed because of how badly they communicate. Some may even fail to notify their clients about possible problems. Settling with unprofessional yet expensive solicitors could only increase your stress level and cost you more. 


Now that you have an idea of what benefits and disadvantages you can get from good and bad conveyancing, make sure to spend time looking for quality service providers you can find. Find someone who has specialisation in residential conveyancing or from a specialist conveyancing department. They should be technologically savvy enough and follow a strict workflow that is helpful for both parties. 

Make a list of the conveyancers and solicitors you are keeping an eye on. If you need help, you can compare their conveyancer quotes through us. At Conveyancing Supermarket, we give free and instant quotations. We provide no obligation conveyance quotes with no hidden fees, so send us your details and save hundreds from the process. 

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