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Finding Conveyancing Quotes and going through Conveyancing can be a lengthy process, and daunting as well, as you are leaving the care of a large sum of your money in someone else’s hands. Getting a firm conveyancing quote, with no strings attached and no hidden charges, is essential for anyone to feel secure while transactions are carried out between those acting for both buyers and sellers.

Comparing conveyancing quotes was, until recently, a time-consuming process, telephoning, writing letters or visiting solicitors’ offices and repeating the same details again and again. It is always best when seeking any professional service, to obtain at least three estimates – it is often amazing how they vary so much for the same job. However, getting a conveyancing quotation is easy with

Conveyancers on the panel are all recommended by experts in this field of the law, and the services they provide are second to none. Those searching for a conveyancing quote, whether buying, selling or carrying out both at the same time will also be pleased and reassured to discover that there is no vast difference between quoted prices. Having the compared conveyancers on the same page means that there is no room for those with over-inflated prices.

You may ask why prices differ if the same work is being carried out, but there are various factors such as location of both the property and the solicitors’ base, the value of the property or different utilities providing the services in the area. The quotation will include all legal work involved in the process, including:

  • local authority searches. This will include a thorough investigation of the area in which the property is located, to find out if any major developments are proposed or planned for the future that may affect the property’s value, such as new housing developments nearby, building of major roads or the possibility of any plans that may be detrimental to the environment;
  • Land Registry checks of both the Title Register and Title Plan. Any flood risk can also be checked at the Land Registry;
  • water authority search, to ascertain how water is provided, and by whom, and how public drains and their position may affect any extensions or other building work you may be considering at the property;
  • environmental search. This is the most thorough of the searches, with information concerning the occurrence or possibility of ground contamination in the local area, the impact of industry nearby, landfill sites, radon gas and any likelihood of flooding. The environmental search alone costs around £50-£60.

These are just a few of the ‘extra’ services in the quotation. All of these searches are essential– it would make sense to have them carried out even if they were not. But they all cost money, and any conveyancing quotes will include details of all of the various searches and other services not carried out by the conveyancer himself.

A conveyancing quote is far from being just for the conveyancer’s time. You are paying for his experience in getting a team together to do all the legal work necessary before you can move into your new home.

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