Conveyancing Comparison The Essential Factors

Shopping around for the best deal, not necessarily the cheapest, is a telling part of the British psyche. “Why pay more when you can pay less?” is a common advertising slogan, but there is an equally valid slogan that says that you get what you pay for.

When it comes to conveyancing, compares a huge number of conveyancing companies and a team of experienced professionals select who in their opinion are the people who can be of most help in guiding homebuyers and sellers through the property maze.

When carrying out a conveyancing comparison online, there are some essential factors to consider before proceeding. A conveyancing solicitor is focused on just this area of the law, whereas a firm of solicitors who carry out conveyancing alongside other work may only have one person who deals with this aspect of the law.

It is easy to use’s comparison calculator to find some of the cheapest quotes around. But, just as with having, say, a new roof on one’s property, or comparing other services online, such as insurance, it is best to look at more than one quote to see which suits you. While cheapest is not always best, all conveyancing solicitors have to act according to the law, so what they provide is necessarily the same service.

Where companies differ will be in their size, customer service and availability outside of normal nine-to-five office hours. Every company recommended and compared on this website will offer your own dedicated conveyancing team, who will ‘hold your hand’ until completion and the keys to your new property are in your hand.

To begin, all of these companies will provide free advice with no obligation to proceed. This can be a marvellous method of conveyancing comparison. The speed with which any questions are answered, or concerns addressed, along with the depth of details provided by the conveyancer, will be a good indication of how smoothly the homebuying procedure is likely to progress.

Any conveyancing procedure takes more time than we would like, with one busy firm of solicitors needing to share information with other busy people. The best professionals are rarely short of work, so it may turn out that having to wait a little longer for completion will mean that a more thorough service is being carried out on your behalf.

When considering conveyancing comparison, looking online at can only save time and money and make what can be a daunting experience a lot less worrying. All of the conveyancers featured have been recommended for their expertise, experience and professionalism. The old days of trawling through the Yellow Pages, and taking pot luck are thankfully behind us.

The assurance of being able to choose from a panel of licensed conveyancing companies will put buyers’ minds at rest, as will the benefit of being able to agree a fixed fee with the solicitor up-front, including VAT, with no hidden charges in the future. And one cannot buy peace of mind.

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