Choosing An Estate Agent

Launch of A New Estate Agent Comparison Site

Buying and selling a property can be a stressful business with many factors to consider. One of those factors is choosing an estate agent to trust with the marketing and sale of your home. This is no small decision and you will want to make sure you are choosing the right estate agent for you. After all, it could make the difference between a sale or no sale.

This is why we are excited to be amongst the first to announce the launch of Estate Agent comparison site: have a fully comprehensive database with all the figures and statistics of estate agents all over the UK. analyse the performance of every active estate agent and using basic information about your home, will provide you with a list of the best estate agents that cover your postcode and, most importantly, how they perform against each other.

Being able to compare the estate agents in your area is an indispensable resource which will help you through your journey of choosing an estate agent, helping you through the first steps of your property selling experience. So here are the steps to consider when choosing an estate agent and how can help.

Choosing The Best Estate Agent For You

When selling your property, it’s vital that you choose an estate agent that best suits your specific needs. The same estate agent won’t be the best for everybody and each will have their own area of expertise. Also, remember that estate agents work on a commission basis, which means they are naturally keen to market your property efficiently in order to sell it and earn a wage. If they don’t, they don’t get paid. will take you through some simple steps to find which is the best estate agent for you and your specific property.

Here is a breakdown of all you have to do:

1.Add Your Details – Simply enter the postcode of your property on the homepage and they will show you the real time performance of all the estate agents who have listed property in the area.
2.Compare Results – You will be able to compare the local (and online) estate agents alongside each other by performance in all the key areas of selling.
You will then be shown:

  • Average Selling Time
  • Asking Price Achieved
  • How Many Properties They Have Listed
  • Exclusive Offers From Agents

3.You Choose An Agent – If you want a quick sale you might prefer to choose an estate agent that has statistics that show they sell quickly bearing in mind you may not achieve the highest price. Alternatively, negotiating on price might not be an option so an agent that is shown to secure asking prices might be the best option for you. The site is tailored to find the best estate agent for you, personally.

Let’s Look a bit more closely at what data actually use when making your individual calculation.

  1. Average Sale Time – They track how many weeks on average it takes for an agent to sell property in that area.
  2. Percentage Of Asking Prices Achieved – Sometimes agents overvalue a property to win the business but reduce the price until it sells. Getting the price right to start with avoids price reductions and indicates good bargaining skills of the agent.
  3. Number Of Properties Listed – This is a good indication of a successful agent. An agent that is particularly active in your area will have experience of properties similar to yours and be able to give a good estimate of how much it’s worth and how quickly it will sell. They may even have contact details for potential buyers. list independent agents, online Estate agents and Hybrid Estate agents in their comprehensive database. This should ensure the correct match for all property sellers. They can give advice and info on contracts and fees, conveyancing, valuation, stamp duty and lots more. All in all, we think this is an exciting time for the property market and that have the potential to revolutionise the face of property sales.

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